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News: golb 2.0.0 released!

golb now supports sqlite3 and Windows!

golb is a piece of software which searches a directory recursively for mp3 and m3u files and creates an SQLite database out of the information found. This doesn't seem to be usefull but it is! It's for people that own a philips hdd0XX mp3 player (also called GoGear) because this one uses an SQLite database to save its songs.

The name golb therefore means GoGear on Linux boxes.

The problem with the mp3 player is that it is only usable under windows because philips didn't make a linux software. So this is the software you need to use your mp3 player under linux. And the best thing: this software is much easier than the windows one. You only have to copy your music to the mp3 player, run the app and that's it!

The program is developed under the GNU General Public License and is therefore free for everybody. The whole project is hosted on SourceForge.net so you may want to visit the project homepage.

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Supported Devices
Mp3 Player

Important: Send me Mail

If you tested golb successfully with your device, please send me an E-Mail (online form for sourceforge users, or you send directly to nexyon at users.sourceforge.net) with the device and which golb version(s) work, so that I can add it to the list here!

This are the supported devices as reported to me:

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golb is very easy to use. Everything you need is described if you type "golb --help" in your command prompt. Here is the output of that:

Create an SQLite database DATABASE containing the mp3s and m3u playlists in the DIRECOTY
Example: golb -fd /home MyDb

This program is useful for Philips HDD0XX mp3 players which use this database format.
The database of the mp3 player is in the folder _system/media/audio of the mp3 player and is called MyDb.
If you want to create the database suitable for your player type the following command in the root directory of the player:
golb -f _system/media/audio/MyDb

  -3 --sqlite3             use sqlite version 3 instead of version 2
  -d --directory=DIRECTORY search in DIRECTORY and not in .
  -f --force               overwrite an exists database without asking
  -v --verbose             print all program actions
  -x --exclude-playlists   add only mp3s to the database
     --help                display this help and exit
     --version             output version information and exit

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As of golb 2.0.0 it has the following dependencies:

If you want to use golb under linux with SQLite 2.X it is still possible to use version 1.0.0 of golb, which only has the following dependencies:

This project is hosted on the open source development website SourceForge.net.

The following downloads are available: